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This list of services is not exhaustive.  We will be happy to discuss your specific requirements.

FarFromBeige - New Bar/Restaurant Concepts

New Bar/Restaurant Concepts

We have launched a wide variety of concepts, all of which had different goals and target demographics. This experience allows us to speed up the initial brand building process :

Identifying customer base

Identify trends

Develop concepts

Build your brand

Help create your ethos

FarFromBeige: Creation of Bar Programmes

Creation of Bar Programmes

We believe that a bar is only as strong as its staff and their ability to execute a clear bar programme. It's extremely important to have a strong concept and identity.  That's not the hard part. The challenge is in executing the details.  You can read about how to make a good Martini, Manhattan or Daquiri but the satisfaction is in the nuance.  We turn your vision into reality by :

Bar Design


Drinks Development

Creating brand relationships

Staff training manuals

Service training

Product training

Creating Wine & Spirit Lists

Food Pairings

FarFromBeige:  Bespoke Bar Service

Bespoke Bar Service

A bartender's greatest asset is the ability to read the room.  We provide a bar service that is exactly what you've been looking for - whether that be Wedding, Party, Festival, or Conference.  We pride ourselves on the ability to execute your vision.

We can provide :

Menu creation 


Catering equipment



Mobile Bars

FarFromBeige: Training & Master Classes

Training, Master Classes

Training yourself about drinks can be like drilling for oil.  You can find yourself down a deep rabbit hole with no valuable information.  We are happy to share the gems we have come across in a few different ways :


Drinks Making Technique

Spirit Tastings

Informal Masterclasses (Groups)

Punch Classes

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